Call for "Tianluoshan camp 2018" participants ➡ Application form download

 1. The main purpose of this grant
The goal of this "Rice Farming and Chinese Civilization" project is to reconstruct the historical processes through which a rice-based civilization arose in the Yangtze Valley in the late Neolithic ― an important component in the development and growth of Chinese civilization.
As a part of this project, we aim at supporting young researchers in Chinese archaeology and scientific studies on cultural properties. For this purpose, we launch the "Tianluoshan camp" project from this year. We offer young researchers from diverse countries opportunities to develop their own archaeological research at the Tianluoshan site (7000 years ago), Zhejiang, China. We look forward to many young researchers participate this project.

 2. Eligible applicants
Young researchers (such as doctoral students, post-doc researchers) specialized in Chinese archaeology, scientific studies on cultural properties, and related areas.
Age under 40 (at the point of April 2016) with research career of doctoral students or higher.
For Chinese archaeology researchers, it is preferable to be specialized in the Hemudu culture or the comparable early rice farming culture.
For scientific studies researchers, it is preferable to be able to analyses of organic remains (faunal/botanical remains, wooden artefacts, etc.) and/or their preservation treatments..

 3. Project period and the address of the Tianluoshan site
10-23 September, 2018(14 days)
Sanqishi-zhen, Yuyao-shi, Zhejiang province, China

 4. Grant details
Transportation fees to the Tianluoshan site from home, and accommodation fee for 14 days are provided to successful applicants. Other expenses (eg. travel insurance, meal) are not included.
 5. The number of participants to be accepted
Up to 10

 6. Participants' obligation
All participants are required to submit a research report by the end of fiscal year 2018 (March 2019).

 7. How to apply
We accept applications by e-mail written in Japanese or English.
The application deadline is 15 July 2018.
Download the application form from the following URL, fill it in, and send it to the Email address shown below.
In addition, a reference letter including the referee's name, affiliation, e-mail address (free format) must be submitted to the Email address directly from the referee.
If you do not receive our receipt confirmation of the documents within 3 days, please contact the below.

Application download
Documents are to be sent to:

 8. Contact Information
Secretary of Integrated Studies of Rice-based Civilizations
2F Center for Innovation, Kanazawa University, Kakuma-cho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, 920-1192, Japan
TEL +81(76)264-6134
E-mail inasakubunmei@gmail.com
URL  http://www.inasaku-w3-kanazawa-u.com/